Sun Exposure and Prostate Cancer

Go get a tan and reduce your risk of prostate cancer. Sun exposure appears to be one way to reduce your risk of prostate cancer. A recent study by some UK Researchers show that moderate exposure to sunlight significantly reduced the chances of prostate cancer; this research seems to be confirmed by many other studies as well throughout the world. Many cancer researchers believe this is due to increase vitamin D. Does this means you should go out and join a nudist colony right away and start sunning in your birthday suit? Not necessarily although the British researchers would certainly not advise against it, joking; “it could save your life?”

Although the same researchers were quick to point out that each year fewer and fewer men are dying of prostate cancer, due to awareness, better treatments and early detection through new and more available screening techniques. Men with low sunlight exposure were said to have a three times greater chance of prostate cancer. When taken from a lifetime sun exposure standpoint it was further determined that children who had occasional sunburns in fact were less likely to get prostate cancer in their adulthood.

Where as sunlight exposure was attributed to lower rate of prostate cancer many are quick to point out and rightfully so that too much sun can significantly increase your risk of non-melanoma skin cancers. It would appear from this study and other like it that a balanced approach to sun exposure should be considered to reduce your risk without increasing it. Think on this and do your own research.

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