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Gastric Bypass Causes Hair Loss – Can It Be Avoided

Gastric Bypass Causes Hair Loss – Can It Be Avoided

Surprisingly, hair loss is one of the reasons female pre-operative patients sit on the fence before deciding to have gastric bypass surgery. Obese people, particularly obese women, often have lush gorgeous hair. Of course they do – it’s well fed …

Are Your Searching In Vain For The Causes of Hair Loss

Trying to find out what causes hair to fall out is often very hard to do. This is because there are so many different causes of hair loss, there is no one common denominator that one can look to. Causes …

Do Natural Hair Loss Remedies Have Any Real Relevance

The effectiveness of modern hair loss treatments is clear for all to see, but many people simply prefer not to use strong chemicals or non-natural substances.

If you fall into this category, does this mean you’ll just have to accept …